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Spin Zone

Spin Zone Bumper Cars are sure to BUMP and SPIN the living fun out of you.  Only $8.99 per person!

An aggressive “spin” on the old concept of bumper cars, the Spin Zone Cars offer dynamic impacts and the joy of spinning wildly when the targets on either side of your car are struck.  “Chaos Mode” ensues with one minute left,  where you will lose all control of your car and undoubtedly feel like are trying to tame a wild robot.  Unlike the Go Karts, bumping is not only accepted… it is ENCOURAGED!
All riders must be 7 years old and 48″ Tall

Notice! Effective 1/17/2023 The Air Bounces in the Kids Jungle will be closed Monday-Friday. All other Kids Jungle areas will be open as usual. The bounces will re-open Sat-Sun for regular business hours.